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VarioFlow modular conveyors

The VarioFlow chain conveyor system is more economical than many other common chain conveyor systems, with considerably better performance figures. Its extraordinarily stable chain allows VarioFlow to achieve chain tensile forces of up to 1200 N. The nearly closed chain surface enables even small components to be transported without complication.

An extensive range of products provides solutions for the most diverse transport tasks. Extremely adaptable One of VarioFlow’s excellent features is its simple adaptation to specific tasks. VarioFlow even masters the most difficult of layouts where other conveyor systems fail. On-site adaptation to specific tasks usually only requires a few components to be changed, such as the chain or the slide rails.

Pre-assembled modules enable simple and smooth installation as all components are designed to perfectly complement each other, if preferred, Ingenia can assemble and install your system together with associated control cabinets, transfers, stop gates, pallets etc as required.

  • Modular conveyor system, compatible with the Bosch aluminum structural extrusion system
  • Fast, smooth assembly due to pre-engineered modules
  • Economical product hardware
  • High chain tensile strength
  • Modular, compact drives for conveyor speeds from 5 to 66 m/min
  • Sizes, 65mm and 90 mm system width with 80mm, 100mm, 160mm, 240mm and 320mm also available using VarioFlow S
  • A range of chain styles for optimum transport of any material
  • Large selection of curves and arcs for individual conveyor layouts
  • A range of stainless steel versions available for harsh and wet environments using VarioFlow STS